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Metaverse and Hospitality Industry

Humans have always been keen on moving towards newer forms of innovation in every field. Iron ones replaced stone tools; CDs replaced floppies. Cloud replaced Hard disks and so on. However, with such immense strides in the development of information technology, humans have attempted to shift their day-to-day lives into a virtual world for practical and interest purposes. This virtual world over the Internet is what we call the Metaverse. It is a simulated digital environment that uses augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and blockchain. It refers to a network of digital spaces where social interactions can occur. In many cases, users explore the Metaverse using an avatar, and the Metaverse then serves as an interactive, virtual world. Alternatively, Metaverse can also be seen as the connection between virtual and real worlds, where, in the future, technology can seamlessly enhance users’ lives.

Metaverse has a lot of practical applications in the hospitality industry. Within the field of metaverse hospitality, we have already started to see the rise of virtual concerts and other performances. Metaverse is increasingly being used to bridge the geographical space between people and offer opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible. Hotels can use this platform to enable their potential customers to have a real-life experience of their place before making their decision. They can provide virtual reality tours or options to explore their hotel with an avatar during the booking process. Some hotels also offer their guests access to virtual spaces, allowing them to host virtual birthday celebrations or hold virtual business meetings. The Metaverse is also being used in the hotel industry to explore, and some properties have started providing virtual spaces for digital conferences or celebrations. Meanwhile, with e-commerce, the Metaverse can provide opportunities for customers to experience products or services before buying.

Even restaurants can use the meta for customers to fully explore their menu before booking, including options to see how a meal is prepared or to check out the facilities. The most significant trends in hospitality right now are focused on the idea of bringing outdoor experiences into the home environment. Through the Metaverse, takeaway restaurants could allow users to place their order in a virtual restaurant, interacting with restaurant employees who are represented by avatars of their own.

Entertainment companies also recreate realistic experiences that customers can enjoy from the comfort of their own home with the help of virtual reality technology and VR headsets. It helps to mitigate a large amount of cost. Amusement parks can offer VR roller coaster experiences to their customers. With a virtual reality experience, real roller-coasters can be enjoyed in a virtual world without the costs or risks attached. Of course, VR experiences can also defy the laws of the natural world. Other options that could be created include virtual experiences like walking on the moon or Mars or visiting virtual tourist destinations.

Even casinos and nightclubs are harvesting the benefits of Metaverse and allowing people to experience many of the benefits of visiting a lounge, including music, dancing, and interacting socially, without having to leave their homes and play games like poker, roulette and blackjack in a virtual casino with other people. Virtual nightclub providers can then monetise the experience, offering options for users to improve their avatars and access new music.

With the help of Metaverse, the recreation of concerts by people from the 60’s and 70’s is also possible. Imagine experiencing a VR experience of a Michael Jackson concert!

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