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Advantages of Turbo Boost Technology

Article contributed by Mr. Hem Chandra Joshi, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Technology and Computer Applications

Overclocking technique allows hardware components to control faster than the initial manufacturer speed. Its purpose is to realize extra performance from the hardware when it’s needed. There are some disadvantages of overclocking moreover. It can reduce the lifespan of your hardware. You can improve performance of your hardware like CPU, motherboard or RAM. But Overclocking will send extra voltage to the components. That may damage your motherboard and other parts as well.

Dynamic overclocking is a technology which changes CPU speed consistent with load, such as Intel Turbo Boost techniques which overcome disadvantages of overclocking. It is available in Intel Corei5, Corei7 and a few Corei3 processors. It is activated when the operating system requests the best performance state of the processor Intel Turbo Boost primarily extends the speed level of the processor above its rated speed to realize higher processing power. Supported the present operating environment, Turbo Boost provides the maximum level of processing power possible. This is generally dependent on:

Current workload on the processor
Available cores
Processor temperature
Current and required power consumption

If these variables are to their lower limit, Turbo Boost can deliver maximum performance and processor scalability to the requesting processes or applications.

Intel Turbo Boost uses algorithms built into the processor core to automatically and temporarily (a few seconds to some minutes) increase a CPU speed just when needed instead if all the time. Sometimes you need to work with some application or big software that requires fast speed to run properly. In those cases, Intel Turbo Boost technology will be a great advantage for you. Turbo boost technology makes your PC faster to perform the particular tasks. If you are a professional gamer and want to play these games you may need to use Turbo Boost technology to run these games smoothly.

Turbo Boost technology does not need any manual control. It can perform its tasks automatically. Intel made the software and installed it as built-in software. Turbo Boost automatically observes the present condition of your PC and calculates how fast your processor can perform at that moment. It also controls the power supply to the component and protects our PC to be damaged


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