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AI Wave: Transforming HR

Author Dr. Deepika S. Joshi (Associate Professor, Faculty of Commerce and Business Management) discusses the role of Artificial Intelligence in transforming HR

Trends Talk:

  • Artificial Intelligence will create more jobs than it eliminates. (Source: Gartner Research )

More than a third of the 500 companies accepted that they had adopted some form of AI in the past year, and almost half of the HR leaders who got surveyed said that machine learning – a form of AI – will improve their HR function. (Source: www.gigabitmagazine.com)

  • AI will generate $13 trillion in global economic activity by 2030. (Source:   McKinsey)

In a quickly developing and vibrant corporate world, Human Resource as a role is going through entirely changed climate. Solutions proposed in past are now being treated as past glories and the techno aligned business praActices are presenting a new and more energetic view of HR Function in organizations.

Since the beginning of techno-age, digitisation of business functions are being treated to be at highest priority than at any other time and the efforts are being reflected in really encouraging ways and there is, undeniably, gigantic latent for AI-based solutions in automating most routine HR tasks.

Source: www. Zinnov.com

There is a big myth about AI intervening in business domain that it may lead to job crises for humans but in words of Kate Guarino, Director of Human Resources Operations for Pegasystems, AI presents an opportunity for HR to automate “repetitive, low-value add tasks” and increase the focus of our intellectual capital on more strategic work


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