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An Analytical Review on Radioactive Waste Classification

It feels pleasure to inform our readers that the research paper titled ‘ An Analytical Review on Radioactive Waste Classification ‘, authored by  Mr Rahul Pandey, B. Tech. M.E. II Year and Mr.  Gaurav Kumar, Faculty Member, Department of Mechanical Engineering, A.I.T.S. has got published in the International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET), Volume: 04 Issue: 10, Oct -2017.

Here is the abstract of the paper :

” The global energy crisis along with environmental concerns have compelled researchers and scientists to look for a clean alternative source, Nuclear Power is one of the major upcoming high potent fuel sector which can be relied on in future. The most common nuclear fuel is Uranium U-235 and U-233 isotopes for power generations, whereas plutonium Pu-239 and thorium Th-232 (not self-fissile) are also used besides the Uranium Isotopes. It may prove to be very hazardous if handled improperly hence, its use was minimized and only a few countries in the world have access to this fuel. In this paper, a systematic analysis has been made on the different gradation of Nuclear Waste based on their irradiation factor, NWM methods which are mostly used and pertain scope have been approached. Also, an outlook on the rare element Protactinium has been done.”

Key Words : NWM (Nuclear Waste Management), U-235, U-233, Pu-239, Protactinium.

You may view the full paper here :


Source : www.irjet.net

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