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Big Data: Huge Challenges Mega Opportunities

Article contributed by Mr. Manoj Singh Bisht, Assistant Professor, Amrapali Institute of Technology and Sciences

Exploring and taming the buzzword Big data is the demand of today’s digitalized society to harness the Mega Opportunities of Big data. Referring to its unprecedented rate, mega size and to decode the complex structure Legacy Technologies are struggling to deal with the Giant. Traditional approaches are not competent to store and the process the large growing volumes of heterogeneous data.

Big Data Technologies address the challenges of Big data with its innovative approaches by offering usability of commodity hardware, creating highly available and horizontally scalable and fault tolerance systems. By producing sharp tools like HDFS, GFS, Hadoop, Map reducers, NoSqls, Kafka Queues, DataLakes, Apache Sparks and using supporting languages such as Python, R, Scala, Java to capture, visualize and tame the Giant.

Statistics driven algorithms and Big data techniques collectively are leading to Mega opportunities lying underneath the sea of Big data. It has opened multiple horizons in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IoTs, Block Chain etc. With continuous exponential upswing of Big data new innovative technologies, Frameworks are in significant demand to Extract Transform and analyze the deep routed patterns of Big data. And generating a huge demand for expertise who can analyze and use big data.

The Big Data Giant has already opened the gateways of mega opportunities in Healthcare, Travelling, Gaming , Energy Management , Risk detection , Improved performance, Better decision making, Real time forecasting and lots of other fields and by using multiple descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, prescriptive forms of analytics directing to define our new world with our own predictions.

It goes without saying that gradual transition towards big data application will definitely become a boon for society only if we are able to listen the voice of data and make our world derived by recognizing the beautiful patterns of Big Data.

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