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Data Science

Article contributed by Mr. Ankush Joshi, Assistant Professor Amrapali Institute of Technology and Sciences

In the era 2005 to 2015, the main focus of enterprise industry was How to store the huge amount of data? Because the data from business sector, health industry, academics, research, marketing and such other fields is increasing day by day. The problem can be resolved by the announcement of the concept of  Hadoop and such other frameworks. Now the focus shifted from How to Store the huge amount of data to How to process the Data? And for this Data Science performs the major role to solve this issue. In this blog we will discuss about –

  • What is Data Science?
  • Life Cycle of Data Science
  • What can Data Science be used for?
  • 10 Best Organizations in India for Data Scientists
  • In- Demand Data Science Careers

What is Data Science?

Data Science is the mingle of various tools, algorithms and principles such as machine learning etc which are used to discover the hidden information from the raw data. But the question arises that how it is different from Data Analysis or statistics? Because data analysts do the same job means it also discovers the information from the raw data. The difference betweenthe two is understanding by the difference between Explaining and Predicting.

We can understand it by the given figure 1.1.

Figure 1.1: Role of Data Analyst vs Data Scientist

A data analyst explains what is going on by processing the historic data, on the other side Data Scientist not only analyze the previous data but also works on various machine learning algorithms such as- KNN, SVM, Random Forest, AdaBoost etc to generate the information. So we can say Data Science is used to make a better decision by using predictive and prescriptive analysis and machine learning techniques.

Life Cycle of Data Science:

Data Science involves a large amount of protocols and expertise to produce an informative data through some raw data or facts. For generating a better information a data scientist  must be master in various fields like Mathematics, Statistics, Advanced Computing, Artificial Inteligence and data visualization etc. The  data is transformed into a meaningful information through a step by step process and we can classify this into five major steps which are-

Figure 21.2: Data Science Life Cycle

All of the given phases need different skill sets, programs and techniques.

Data Science can be Used for:

  • Anomaly Detection.
  • Automation and Decision Making.
  • Classification
  • Forecasting
  • Pattern Detection
  • Facial / Voice / Text Recognition.

10 Best Organizations in India for Data Scientists:

Analytics India Magazine (AIM) published a report in which they published 50 best organizations of India for data scientist. In this report  the parameters for assigning the rank are- Learning & Support, Productivity & Engagement, Benefits & Well-being, Rewarding Excellence and Diversity & Inclusion. From those 50 organizations here we mention top 10 organizations which are-

In- Demand Data Science Careers:

“Data Scientists are highly educated – 88 % have at least a master degree and 46 % have PhD- and while there are notable exceptions, a very strong educational background is usually required to develop the depth of knowledge necessary to be a data scientist.” This statement is mentioned in a report by KDnuggets in a leading site on Big Data.

Here are some data science career opportunities mentioned as-


With the increasing interaction of big data and automation in professional sectors role od data science is on demand, asking for professionals who can understand its need of the business and having the capability to devise and implement the solution in particular areas.

There are a number of ways and careers helping you to pave the way towards implementing data science with lots of challenges and excitements. The field of Data Science requires a specific skill set with experiential learning experience.

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