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Holi Celebrations at Amrapali Group of Institutes

Article contributed by Mr. Ankit Pandey, BHM – KU 5th Semester

The heap of fallen leaves ignite the fire that destroys the entire forest. That was Holika the gatherer of destructive fire and the ego that ignited it was Hiranyakashyap. Prahalad is the worship that is called dedication. We at Amrapali celebrate Holi every year as a reminder of the destruction the ego can do and to develop brotherhood, love and compassion.

Holi preparation at Amrapali Institute of Hotel Management is also an activity to ensure that the students develop the skills required to work in the hospitality industry. Therefore following all the COVID protocols with utmost care the management, faculty and students at Amrapali launched a small function on the 27th of March at the most beautiful garden of Amrapali to rejoice, share happiness and develop the best skills with love and enthusiasm.

The coordinator of the event ‘Holi Darbar’ was Chef Mohit Kumar who astonished the audience with the decoration that was solely from recyclable waste like used paper, worn out curtains, unused mats and the like. When interviewed Bhupesh Chand Pohkaria, a student of BHM KU 3rd Sem, said that it’s exciting indeed but it even boosts the confidence and morale and shifts our focus from individual to group participation. The Holi Darbar is a legacy that our seniors pass to us by teaching us how to indulge in delightful preparations. ‘I have combated my nervousness through the event, he said.’

Holi carries its impulse through the dance and music with the colors that reveal happiness. ‘In order to prevent the spread of COVID 19, we are not in for the colors but we are fully prepared for the dance and songs’ added Neeraj Singh Mahara, a student of BHMCT 6th Sem who is engaged with the Khadi Holi and Badhai Holi team of singers at FIHM. Numerous ceremonious songs were melodiously songs during the event and the ones that would have stolen the heart of Radha Krishna had they been incarnated as Uttarakhandis would be Baeth Holi and Khari Holi that had a scintillating effect on everyone.

‘How do you feel when you are engaged in this activity’, asked our PDP student Mr Ankit Pandey of BHM KU 5th Sem to Mr Harshit Dharamwal of BHMCT 6th Sem who is also the student coordinator of Holi Darbar. ‘Amazing he replied’, ‘I was given a chance to coordinate with faculty and students. I received hands on experience in making the basic arrangements. Maintaining discipline, organizing people and gathering students is a big task. It is difficult but once over, it gives untold experience and feeling of ecstasy.’

The Holi Darbar was planned in shifts as per the Holi guidelines. It was an enjoyable fest with numerous dances acquired from the talents displayed by the traditional dances at Uttarakhand, Bollywood and Mathura. The dance enhanced the festive flavor and brought divinity to the beautiful enchanting garden at Amrapali Group of Institutes that was decorated for the same purpose with love in the heart and charm in the soul. ‘Dance cannot be without the song, while preparing for the dance act, that I even choreographed’, said Mayank Bargali, a student of BHMCT 7thSem, ‘I had to lead the group and that required coordination’. Yes, I feel it helped me to enhance coordination among the students and I am developing my leadership skills. I obviously enjoyed the show through active participation.’

Songs, dance and then eats. The COVID protocols were carefully followed here. The participants and faculty were orderly sent for refreshments, a part of the endeavor of the Chefs at Amrapali Institute of Hotel Management. Pradeep yadav and Divayansh Dhingra of BHMCT 7th and BHM KU 5th Sem when approached said, ‘it’s a delicate delightful work when we try to add charisma to the event through the gujiyas, panni puri, chat, pau bhaji, dahi bhalla, chuski and pan. It is a real time learning session for us’. Students learn under specialized hands of the faculty and the seniors Chefs like Dr Vinod Negi ,Mr Chaniyal, Mr Apurv Joshi, Mr Dharmendra Rawat at AIHM.

It’s escalating to be a part of the wonderful annual event at Amrapali Group of Institutes. The esteemed Management blessed the occasion with their presence. The COO of the institute Dr Prof S K Singh congratulated the entire family and praised the faculty and students for helping in making possible such enjoyable events. He was pleased to congratulate the coordinator of the event Chef Mohit Arya and the cultural team coordinator Mr Ramashish Prajapati. The Food Production Department under the leadership of Dr Vinod Negi was applauded for their contribution that adds taste to the entire program. He further added that considering the COVID guidelines it was a bit tough to think how the event would move but the hospitality students and faculty have proved that they are prepared for the challenges that the industry is facing.’

The CEO Prof Dr Sanjay Dhingra wished the entire family a very enlightening holi with best wishes for every one’s health and safety. The event was further blessed with the presence of The honorable Secretary Mr Narendra Dhingra, Treasurer Mrs Bindu Chawla, Registrar Dr P K Sah, Dean Academics Prof Prashant Sharma and the HOD’s of various departments and the lovely team of students at Amrapali Institute of Hotel Management.

Holi shuns the ego and enlightens the soul giving it prominence in the world. Radha and Krishna are the lovable entities of the world that moves around the song of life to perform a wonderful dance of Karma or duty while we are in this world.

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