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How To Outrun Scary Times: The Most Urgent 2020 Challenge

Article contributed by Prof. (Dr.) Siddhartha Sharma, Director (CTPD) Amrapali Group of Institutes

Covid 19 has brought scary times all over the world and paved ways for serious infliction on the various fronts especially the economy. The challenge seems all the more scarier to upcoming graduates who were all set to begin their careers. Amidst all this lies the most urgent 2020 challenge to out-run daunting times. Can we do it?

Let us begin with a story to better understand the backdrop. Two good friends yet corporate competitors were camping in woods. In the evening over a cup of tea they were discussing issues that face them while sitting barefoot. All of a sudden a bear jumped on to the site and was all set to attack them. Seeing the two friends got frantic and while one of them started to run towards the town, the other went running towards the tent. To his surprise the friend running towards the town asked what are running for towards the tent. Running to put my shoes on, the other one replied. Ah you stupid! You cannot outrun a bear ever, the former said. The latter who had now put on his shoes shouted, I am not going to outrun the bear. I am going to outrun you.

The novel coronavirus, Covid 19 has brought before us scary times that needs to outrun soon. However, outrunning the pandemic is not the focus of this writing. The focus is outrunning the forbidding sequences that will follow the suite.

By the time this blog takes its place, the Covid 19 had already become catastrophic and had inflicted lives of many across the world. Of those affected is the potential workforce that was all set to begin their careers. The uncertainty has made life of countless upcoming graduates very anxious. The workforce of future is not on ground but find itself stranded and strangled in an obnoxiously brutal smoke that doesn’t seem to fade soon.

Everyone is worrisome around us. We should be by all means as it is a no normal situation. The young millennial with big dreams and greater responsibilities have all the more reasons to be worried. However, being worried is not going to help. Let us remember that when in dire straits, you have got your work cut out for you.

An unprecedented fear looms the world and no one remains untouched. The 21-Day lockdown followed by yet another three weeks long lockdown has brought us all at the mouth of the most urgent 2020 challenge.  It is high time to plan and implement an engagement strategy that helps in outrunning the scary times. The time to dodge a bullet awaits us all. How do we do that? Here are few steps to deal with the situation.

  • Academics: With the war against coronavirus getting prolonged and resumption of classes in schools, colleges, not likely in the near future, the number of educational institutions is resorting to virtual classrooms to ensure students are engaged during this tough time. It is very important for the students to support the efforts of their respective institutions in making it successful.
  • Certifications and Webinars: No one had ever thought of such a great time for students to be benefitted from Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). Several certification opportunities exist for students from any domain. Certifications even exist to sharpen any hobby like photography, playing a musical instrument, creative writing, film-making and more. Webinars are also good means to stay tuned with the world and keep you on the toes.    
  • Online Contests: Students must utilize their time and participate actively on various online contests. Several online contests including quizzes, business planning, coding, research quests etc are flooded over internet and can be a good resort to find space on resume.
  • Work from Home Internships: The uncertainty of war against coronavirus also opens yet another significant opportunity in the form of work from home internships. Several companies have realised the fact that it is going to take long and are therefore on the web seeking talent. Cracking such work from home opportunities and undertaking them will be an added advantage.
  • A Closer Look Inside: One of the very important and perhaps the most beneficial use of the time could be a closer look inside. Sit back, relax, close your eyes and search your soul. A retrospective analysis of your own self will assist in understanding our strengths and limitations and focusing on opportunities that lies ahead of us.      
  • Get a Mentor: Mentoring is very important. In times like these a mentor can guide you better towards your goal and won’t let you stray. Speak to a mentor may be your school teacher, college professor, a classmate, senior, alumni or even your parents. Discuss your fears, your ideas, your feelings or even anything irrelevant that comes to your mind. Connecting to a mentor is always helpful and eases pressure out of you.
  • Networking: One of the greatest possible uses of this time is networking the right ones. Spend your time cautiously over sites like linkedin.com. A right network might come handy once all this comes to an end.   

Outrunning scary times requires an approach. It does not happen with the snapping of your fingers. A very systematic and disciplined approach is the need of the hour. The problem at hand is big and highly unpredictable therefore requires a tougher response.

As students and potential workforce of the future it is your responsibility to take this crisis head-on and prepare yourself as per the industry requirement. Being industry ready amidst this tough time will be your biggest contribution to the nation and to the society. 

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