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iTwin Technology

Article contributed by Dr. Ashish B. Khare, Assistant Professor, Amrapali Institute of Technology and Sciences

iTwin is an innovative new file sharing and remote access device introduced by a company known as iTwin. It’s works like two ends of a cable, but without the cable. It’s as easy to use as a flash drive which is plug & play. iTwin can connect any two computers anywhere in the world which are online. iTwin enables you to have access to any or all of your home or office computer’s files and folders while you’re on-the-go. Amount of storage you can access with iTwin has no in built limit. The only limit is the size of your hard drives and the speed of your Internet connection. You can select and edit files for accessing later on the move remotely, without the files leaving your computer. You can also back-up files to your home or office computer. iTwin was invented by an Indian named Lux Anantharaman.

Figure:  Working of iTwin

Unique Features

Smart key generation- Two iTwins together generate a random 256-bit AES key, every time they are physically paired and plugged into a computer. Smart Key generation is assisted by the computer to add randomness. Smart crypto key resides only on the two halves of the paired iTwin. Smart Crypto key is used for encrypting all data traffic between two iTwins.

No “Temp Files”- Unplug iTwin and all temp files are purged automatically.

Password support- Passwords of any length can be set. Unlike other web services, iTwin’s password is stored on itself, not on any server.

Bi-Directional File Access- the connection between the 2 computers is completely symmetrical.

iTwin is just like a wireless device connecting two systems and securely transferring data between them.

Advantageous than Cloud: In Cloud Storages the data can be stolen or misused if the username and password of an account to access the storage is hacked by someone. There are many more drawbacks like limited storage, no security, back up, temp files, no remote disable etc.

Disadvantages of iTwin:

iTwin connect is 3.5 inches long in total which means when the parts are divided they are very easy to misplace.

When the itwin connect USB dongle is plugged in it can slow down network performance.

You must set up files to share in advance in order to access them.

Software requirements: Requires min. 512 MB, 1GB RAM (recommended), requires 15 MB hard-disk space, USB 2.0 port and requires broad-band Internet access.




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