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Mechanical “The Evergreen Branch of Engineering”

Mechanical Engineering is synonymous to Industrial Revolution that started after the invention of Steam Engine by James Watt. Wright brothers invented the plane that revolutionized the aviation industry. It was the industrial revolution that brought prosperity and comforts to the people. From pins to planes including commercial and fighter planes, from simple agricultural equipments khurpies to tractors, from bullock carts to all sorts of modern cars & trains and from simple boats to big ships & submarines are all creations of Mechanical Engineers. All the modern inventions such as rockets, space vehicles, multi-task missiles, battle tanks, sophisticated guns, robots, all types of power plants, air conditioners etc. are all creations of Mechanical Engineers. In every industry, the need of Mechanical Engineers varies from 40% to 80%. Whatever product we choose, whether Mechanical, Electrical or Electronics, a major contribution of Mechanical Engineering is involved. As a result of a large amount of involvement of Mechanical Engineers in various industries and organizations, the branch of Mechanical Engineering is regarded as Ever Green Branch of Engineering.

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