Mechanical “The Evergreen Branch of Engineering”

Mechanical Engineering is synonymous to Industrial Revolution that started after the invention of Steam Engine by James Watt. Wright brothers invented the plane that revolutionized the aviation industry. It was the industrial revolution that brought prosperity and comforts to the people. From pins to planes including commercial and fighter planes, from simple agricultural equipments khurpies to tractors, from bullock carts to all sorts of modern cars & trains and from simple boats to big ships & submarines are all creations of Mechanical Engineers. All the modern inventions such as rockets, space vehicles, multi-task missiles, battle tanks, sophisticated guns, robots, all types of power plants, air conditioners etc. are all creations of Mechanical Engineers. In every industry, the need of Mechanical Engineers varies from 40% to 80%. Whatever product we choose, whether Mechanical, Electrical or Electronics, a major contribution of Mechanical Engineering is involved. As a result of a large amount of involvement of Mechanical Engineers in various industries and organizations, the branch of Mechanical Engineering is regarded as Ever Green Branch of Engineering.


The skills learned at Faculty of Hotel Management at Amrapali are applicable not just in Hospitality Industry, but to the entire Service Sector and Tourism-related businesses. A career in the Hospitality Industry includes opportunities in many different areas apart from hotels including- events (sporting, cultural, concerts, exhibitions, etc.) conferences, banqueting, theme parks and attractions, restaurants, catering, resorts (golf, ski, jungle, hill, beach, spa, etc.) airlines, railways and cruise lines and many more service-related industries.
A major aspect while choosing the career is; how easily one can get a good job after completion of studies. Hospitality industry leads the service segment of our economy, being the second largest job provider in the country after Healthcare. The hospitality industry continues to grow; the World Travel Organization predicts that it will triple in size by the year 2020, becoming one of the largest industries in the world. This growth will provide many employment opportunities for people with the right qualifications, and the Institute provides exactly the type of education and skills that the future hospitality managers require to succeed. Our curriculum combines theory with authentic hands-on learning experience and students have numerous opportunities to interact with industry professionals. Students also get access to hands-on real-life training programme incorporated in their day to day activities to facilitate their on-job training.
Our Centralised Training & Placement Department (CTPD) provides students with exemplary employment opportunities by inviting the top companies of the industry to our campus for recruitment drives, thus helping our placement rate exceed 95%. During its over 17 years long existence as an Institution of Academic Excellence, the Institute has been able to place its students in reputed national as well as international chain properties. Currently our alumni are at managerial positions at organisations of repute in worldwide.
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In case you are still confused and wondering which career to choose then look at yourself and compare following determinants :
  1. You love to travel
  2. You like to make people happy
  3. You have an eye for detail
  4. You enjoy meeting people from different cultures
  5. Your believe the customer is always right
  6. You like learning new languages
  7. You don’t know what you want to do when you “grow up” (or if you’ll ever grow up!)
  8. You work well under pressure
  9. You want an international career
  10. You like to work hard, and play hard
In case you think above determinants suits your personality then hospitality can be an ideal career choice for you and you should explore more about it.
Before we explore it for you let’s understand that there are many myths about Hospitality profession like:
  1. If you don’t have a degree or previous industry experience, you might find it challenging.
  2. The industry work requires a specific set of hard skills.
  3. The industry has long streched work hours.
  4. The industry is not suitable for females to pursue a career.
  5. The salaries are on lower end and many more……
The hospitality Industry has changed with ages more than any other industry and so as the work culture and environment, today the youth worldwide are excited to be a successful professional in this field as the above myths are far from the reality.
Corporate events and Luxury tourism is at an all time high, the travel and tourism industry in India is growing steadily, and hospitality companies are hiring workforce and managers more than any other Industry.  More than ever, the hospitality industry is seeing exciting developments in technology and customer experience, leading to more diverse and specialized employment opportunities. All the signs point to hospitality careers being a good choice. Beginning salaries at entry levels are good now and there are some hidden perks that most people don’t know.
With a career in hospitality, comes the ability to see the world – which has demonstrable links to improving mental and physical health. Frequent travelers see a significant reduction in anxiety, depression and stress. Many hospitality and luxury companies have properties on every continent, so their employees can transfer internally to work abroad. That means that travel isn’t just a possibility, it is encouraged and facilitated. By choosing a hospitality job, you are investing in a career that has endless possibilities and making a positive long-term commitment to your family in terms of happiness.
Lets understand the fact that hospitality services centers around providing a fantastic customer experience, hospitality jobs provides and develops varied skill set that are globally recognized and are acceptable and applicable to any business, Hospitality jobs can provide experience in anything or everything from customer relationship to culinary arts to finance management, human resources, project management and communications, to purchasing, business management and entertainment.
The Industry provides safe and secure work environment along with multiple fringe benefits because of which it has seen 25% increase in female work force and more and more female students are picking it as a career choice be it be a guest relation executive or a house keeping executive or being a successful chefs even females are joining some specialized fields like dieticians, event managers etc. People who work in the field of hospitality often have exclusive access to the very best food, health clubs and luxury accommodations.
A general statement of a Hospitality graduate is ‘I work with great people’ and ‘I feel recognized and appreciated.’
In the world of high job turn overs, Hospitality companies are doing everything they can to raise professional satisfaction, so that job turnover is significantly reduced. This means that employees can rise through the ranks quickly, and obtain larger salaries over time. That might explain why it is the chosen industry for an estimated 212 million employees worldwide.
A job in hospitality makes you fit for many other careers and other employers are more likely to consider your application because they acknowledge your abilities of ‘soft skills’ which encompass communication, humility, collaboration and interpersonal awareness.
Contributed By :
Prof. (Dr.) S. K. Singh
COO, Amrapali Institute of Hospitality Management