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Article contributed by Mr. Aamir Husain, Dr. Savita Upreti and Deepak Pandey BHM KU 7th Sem

Now as a teacher teaching students how to prepare for an interview is as easy as watching the ants carry heavy loads on their head. Once upon a time it was a pressure with perspiration on the forehead and an alarming bell resonating about a week ahead of an interview call. We all have faced interviews in life and those who haven’t have no escape, the time will definitely come. The experiences of interview as tough as the mountain are easily readable on every face be it a cousin, elder or friend. ‘IT MUST BE A TOUGH DEAL THEN?’ and we all develop reasons to fear the interview. Now that we are into the process we find that there are ways out to the problem that will lead to a solution of a settled life with little dependence monetarily and mentally.

The COVID pandemic has been a set back to the hospitality sector and the tension among the futuristic hoteliers can be felt through their questioning eyes. The Training and Placement cell at AIHM thus decided to engage students in some positive, heartwarming talks of the interview process as the signs of opening of the business around the globe have stated with the advent of the New Year. So with the magic wand of talks been released by the team called LEARN FROM AN ANT, Mr Anurag Sharma, the LFA consulting LLP motivated students by revealing various ways through which an interview can be cracked through an online session on the 16th day of January. The tricks were simple and appealing: Learn from an ant, the busy buddy carriers all that it has with dedication, you may get frustrated watching it carry load considered as HUGE by you but it doesn’t seem to be giving any such inflictions.

Mr Anurag Sharma who is a Mechanical Engineer by education, by profession a Mathematician and by choice an enthusiastic Theatre Artist, Writer, Motivational Speaker, Mentor, Life Coach, Corporate Trainer, and Entrepreneur truly reflected the old saying by Gandhi ji-


He initiated the session with handy tips for students to get ready through learning and imbibing knowledge.

  • What is an interview
  • What are its key ingredients
  • What are the different stages of an interview
  • How to prepare for an interview
  • How to prepare an impressive resume
  • Where to keep the Sample PI questions
  • How to get into the idea of powerful dressing
  • What to do and what not during on line and  offline interview

      He ignited the thought on Know the Property where you are applying through a short analysis.

The general interview process that is a nervous breakdown before and after the interview; where one gets truly aware of the heart boomeranging and conscious eyes towering to see if my neighbor can hear my heartbeat, disappears during the interview.

So once an interview session begins it’s all gone therefore preparation is the word that circumnutates in every mind and here the interview anecdotes shared by Mr Sharma are very helpful.

 “One should remember that interviewer only asks for anecdotes that demonstrate the qualities essential for the job one has applied for, so prepare well to provide anecdotes.”

‘Tell me about a mistake you made’ – Choose a mistake from the beginning of your exposure to the industry that led to an important lesson being learnt and useful experience being gained-WATCH OUT!

‘What does a hiring manager expect from the candidate’- to demonstrate the values required for the job, which one can state by emphasizing on achievements during the past exposures, present unique value, skills and technical expertise- STAY TUNED!

Saying “thank-you” in a meaningful manner makes a huge impression, especially on a busy interviewer: BE COURTEOUS!

The various queries that Mr. Anurag solved were a sigh of relief to everyone.

Mr. Pawan Mehra- Manager-Training & Placement cell

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