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Self Confidence: Boosting Your Most Valuable Asset

“In the darkest hours we must believe in ourselves.”
Terry Goodkind, Faith of the Fallen
We do often get frustrated because of not being able to control our confidence the time we need it most. Self-confidence is actually the spark in you that takes endeavour to maintain when the going gets jagged. Lacking the confidence actually depends on your time and the mindset you carry. Confidence ebb and flow with time. When things are going well you are likely to feel more confident and likewise when you have a problem or are under stress you might suffer with self-deprecation.
Plummeted self confidence among final year students, preparing for their placements often leads to missed opportunities.
PAPTAP- Self Confidence Booster Model
Looking Confident and acting the part you aspire to reach not only makes you feel in control but earns others confidence in you as well.
Looking good makes you feel Wow. Selecting clothing and accessories that fit you, suits the occasion, and make you feel good; automatically increases your self-esteem.
Your preparedness gets reflected in your confidence you feel about your expertise and competency. Remember the Mantra- “Prior planning prevents poor performance”
Inaction raises qualm and panic, while action breeds buoyancy and guts. Start acting to boost your confidence and soon this effort becomes your habit.
Practice a pushy, but not aggressive, way of speaking that flaunts your self-confidence. Remember, A great speaker speaks confidently, in a steady, rhythmic tone.
Positive energy leads to positive outcomes, so set your mind to the can-do side of any situation, avoiding the negative self-talk that can make you feel less confident

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