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Self Development

Article contributed by Mr. Ashish Dixit, Assistant Professor, Amrapali Institute of Technology & Sciences

We all live in a dynamic society which keeps on evolving in all aspects of life that certainly demands to all human beings to be in pace with it. This simply implies that to keep a pace & to cope with such dynamism we always have a scope for refinement or self improvement. Man is a social animal. We collectively make societies & countries of the world. This signifies the importance of enhancement & growth in each individual unit of the society which ultimately leads to constitute a better environment. Each one of us has a wide range for advancement in all domains of life with the help of a few measures listed below.

‘A healthy mind in a healthy body’ is the utmost objective of self development that can be achieved by self discipline. Making a routine for day to day activities ; starting from early wake-up time to early bed time, giving some time for physical & mental workout like yoga, meditation, some physical activity or a new hobby like gardening etc.

Keep yourself aware & updated by reading newspaper, watching TV news & debates on current issues. Reading other good literature & watching some entertainment TV programs etc. act as an additive to self development.

 Analyzing dietary habits is equally important. Necessary alterations should be made to make ones daily balanced healthy diet.

Good friends are a treasure. One should always choose good friends to improve mood, encourage positive behavior, boost good mental & emotional disposition. Always remember that the good time spent with the friends & family is worth every second. So make a strong emotional bond within the family as well.

Attain financial security. One should always consider the value received for the money spent. Achieve your financial goals with the help of proper financial planning & management. While considering your financial goals don’t forget the family & society.

Protecting the nature & it’s resources should always be kept in mind. The importance of free element Oxygen has been well understood during the current pandemic. So nurture nature. Give space for indoor plants. More trees be planted. Water conservation is another aspect wile considering self development as the natural water resources are depleting at a very fast pace.

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