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Top Three Trending Fields for Pursuing Engineering

Engineering plays a crucial part in our everyday life. The common things we use, like smart phones, cars, computers, aircraft, etc. are all gifted by engineers across the globe.

Engineers do their work consistently and provide us with everything that we need. They work primarily in innovation, designing brand-new products, and improving the existing ones. However, engineering has several fields ranging from mechanical engineering to computer engineering.

There are three most trending fields in engineering to pursue your studies that have a broad scope in the modern world. Let’s take a look.

1.  Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is the study, design, development, construction, and testing of mechanical, and thermal sensors and devices such as tools, engines, and machines.

As a mechanical engineer, you will collaborate to build gearboxes, engine components, aviation engines, compressors, robots, machine tools, space shuttle vehicles, turbines, pumps, power plants, factories, and other items.

2.  Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering combines electrical engineering and computer science to produce new computer hardware and applications.

Computer engineers design, develop, and test computer hardware and software. They then evaluate the results and upgrade outdated equipment to comply with new software. Some engineers also manage manufacturing and development processes, while others focus on software testing.

3.  Artificial Intelligence & Data Science

Artificial Intelligence and Data Science is a new field of study that works with scientific procedures, processes, and strategies drawn from several disciplines such as statistics, cognitive science, computers, and information science to extract knowledge from organized and unstructured data.

Graduates of AI and DS will build and develop intelligent business solutions to handle several industrial challenges. They suggest solutions based on the most recent tools and open-source technology. They can assess the ethical, legal, competent, and social standards of engineering knowledge and practices. Data scientists are among the highest-paid employees in India.

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