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Trending Technologies in the field of Computer Science

Article contributed by Pramod Kumar Joshi, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Technology and Computer Applications

The change in technology is such a rapid in the current age that you will be just obsolete in a very short span of time if you will overlook to the current trends. It is not only because of the changing technology but a lot is changed due to the COVIT-19 outbreak. The IT professionals has realised that their role will not be the same in the contactless world. It is the time of learn, unlearn and relearn in respect of the current scenario.

It means keeping an eye on the latest trend, the future skills and to learn how to secure a safe job for tomorrow. The trend is sifting form office to work from home, on one side it is saving the office expenditure, travel time, exertion and on the other side the IT professionals are working in isolated manner, which is affecting the learning of the new professionals.

Here we are focusing on some of the latest trends and new area of jobs in the current situation, that will help you for making a better future.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence or commonly known as AI is the fastest growing technology where the machine (it can be anything like computer, smart phone or any other device) can learn and act as per your requirement of its own by learning by your behaviour, and it develops the ability to make decisions like humans. When AI programs are loaded into machine it performs the complex processes like human beings as speech recognition by Alexa, google, weather forecasting or suggesting you the products based on your previous purchases on different shopping platforms.      

It is also helping you on the road by suggesting you the shortest path, congestion on the road and on the top driverless cars on the road. One of the application I have recently came across is an online sale purchase app where the application itself giving answer to the question based on the previous conversation of the seller.

Machine Learning (Image source www.adelaide.edu.au/aiml/)

In the coming years AI is expected to create millions of jobs in the area such as data science, programming, testing, maintenance and support.  So the programmers who know AI will be far ahead then who don’t know AI programming. Google and IBM is putting huge amount of investment in the AI research, which will lead to ample amount of opportunities in this field. The top jobs in this area are such as Machine Learning Engineer, Robot Monitoring Professional, Business Intelligence Developer, and Data Analyst.

Internet of Things (IoT)

It is another new technology which is growing at very faster rate known as IoT. In current world many things are coming with an inbuilt wifi connectivity which enables the device to be connected with internet and can also connect in peers so that these devices can be handled by remote locations to perform required tasks. As a recent example I bought a bulb with wifi and installed an application on my phone, it gives me the feature to control the colour brightness and the shades of the bulb. I can change the colour of my bulb by taping on the colour of my choice. It can also be associated with the music beats. Not only this you can switch on or off a light from a remote location, just imagine if you are away from your home and want to switch on the lights in the evening you can do it from anywhere and in the morning you can switch it off.

This gives you the concept of smart home where you can control anything from a remote location be it be a light, camera, ac, oven and many more things. If we think it in broder sense it gives the concept of smart city. The IoT equipments can also be used to collect data to enable better safety, efficiency and decision making in various field of life. It is expected that the launch of 5G technology will bust up this market by several times.

If you plan to go in this field, you will have to learn about basics of networking, hardware interfacing, Information security, AI and Machine Learning. You need to know the basics of embedded systems as well. Learning this latest technology will help you to get jobs in the field of IoT software developer, IoT product manager, IoT solutions architect and much more.

Smart Home (Image source https://iot5.net/)

To work in the field of computer science you need to be more analytical in order to design and develop an efficient system. You should have a thirst for learning new things and should be curious about the new development in the world.

Some more rapidly growing fields in the area of computer science are Big data analytics, Cyber security, Virtual reality and Augmented reality and Block chain etc. We will be focusing on these areas in the coming articles.

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