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Top 5 Reasons to Choose Engineering as a Career

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Engineering as a Career

Albert Einstein said,

“ Scientists investigate that which already is, Engineers create that which    has never been ”.

Engineering has become the most sought after career in modern times. It is challenging and exciting. Engineers solve daily life problems incorporating the models provided by Science combined with their innovative thinking and create new designs that benefit humanity.

It is “Science” to describe Mechanics, but it is “Engineering” to build a locomotive. Thus, Science and Engineering go hand in hand.

We may see many people around us educated in Engineering skills and using them in their jobs, but only a few of them are actually called “Engineers”. A career in Engineering involves a lifetime of continuous and deep learning to adapt to the changes in society and the natural world. It is a very worthwhile profession and can be incredibly satisfying. Here are some reasons to study Engineering  guaranteed to boost your motivation :

1. You get respect : Do not forget the prestige that comes with studying Engineering. Non-engineers will be like “WOW” when they hear that you are an Engineer. It requires immense toil and hardwork to qualify as an Engineer.

2. You are assured of professional success : You develop logical thinking and critical analysis skills. Objectivity rules your mind and emotions are resided away. All of these skills are greatly needed in the professional world, in any field. So, Engineers tend to do better no matter which sector they choose, and they also tend to make good managers. As an outcome Engineering is the most common undergraduate degree among Fortune 500 CEOs.

3. It gives you courage to face problems : You may face even tougher problems than the ones faced during your studies. But by the time you graduate, you will have acquired the skills and the confidence to deal with all kinds of problems. You will know exactly how to handle it. All problems will seem surmountable. You start seeing them as challenges and  opportunities to grow.

4. It makes you financially secure : There are people who long for a lavish and luxurious lifestyle. Engineering is the career which caters to all such dreams. The majority of surveys and reports list Engineering as one of the top-paid degree programs. The most popular and profitable engineering disciplines are Chemical, Computer, Electrical, Nuclear and Petroleum Engineering.

5. You contribute to change the world : Engineers positively contribute something new to the society. It feels great when someone praises  a newly constructed project and you say, “I built it.” It is the pride of an Engineer when talking about his/her contribution in creating something new, even if it is as simple as a design for a room or a “like” button on a website.

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