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5 Tricks, to Let Recruiter Find You

Article contributed by Ms. Sugandha Joshi, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Commerce and Business Management

Talent Acquisition or acquiring the best is the routine task of a recruiter.

Try to think from the other side of the table!

Think from opposite end on what to do to grab eyeballs of recruiters? 

How to be on top of the CV stack and ensuring that your target companies  reaches you first.

  • Cover Letter and lengthy details are things of past and well forgotten.
  • Don’t want to share exhaustive list of ideas, but definitely some quick picks.

    1. Job-title: Quickest way for a recruiter to find talent on Job board, LinkedIn or other Social Media is through Job Title. Instead of confusing titles like “Innovation Officer” or “Ninja Fighter”, ensure using conventional titles so recruiters should be able to find you. Always  mention the official title in the CV.
    Also mentioning the function along with title is great. eg: AVP – Finance OR Manager – Technology(ASP.net/Testing etc), using just Manager or AVP in title window wont help you reach anywhere.

    2. Keywords: Use Keywords carefully, most of the #AI based tools use number of keywords and their placement to rank the CVs. Our Primary skills should be defined on the top and should be more in count in comparison to our Secondary skills. Define clearly on what we have done in relation to our Next Target Role as Writing everything in details will just confuse Recruiters. Eg. We only want to apply for Project Manager role and our current title is Team leader, so mentioning skills on what we have done in terms of managing team, project delivery, planning and so forth is a smart go. Our CV with focus only on development, may not help us with shortlist.

    3. Job-boards: If we are posting CV on #Times job  # naukri #shine or elsewhere, check out the analytics available  by portal to improve CV performance. Like in #Naukri.com we have option to  check who saw our profile, check the kind of companies visiting CV and how many calls are we  getting. This has to be done continuously till the time we get the desired results.

    4. Social-Media “Post & Prey” strategy will not yield anything. Find the job opening, Check if recruiter name is mentioned, send your CV on social networks. Its also advisable to send CV to Head – Talent Acquisition, if you are connected with him/her on social media. They are the best person to route your CV to relevant team. In startups or smaller organization sending CV directly to founder or cofounders is a big yes, as they are directly involved in recruitment.

    5. Above all exploring our personal network offer great opportunities we would not have even thought of.

  • Park few years in career to take the risk is always suggested and ll never go waste.
  • Go work for startups and never doubt their importance.
  • pilot batches are the best to join as if the company grows you ll be on the top.
  • Ask for the job!
    Candidates leave without ever saying they want to be hired .Sounds so simple, but let your employer know that you want to work there.
  • Offering a firm handshake, with two pumps is a smart way to illustrate your confidence and start the interview off on the right note.
  • Connections & referrals…Get a great referral as a strong referral will get your recruiter’s attention. Recruiters are more likely to give you consideration if you are referred to them by someone..

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